Sunday, July 5, 2009

There are two principal experiences of life: one experience is called sensation and the other exaltation. What is generally known and experienced by the average man today is what is called sensation: all the beauty that one sees, of line or color, all that one sees with the eyes or that one tastes and touches. It is living in sensation that makes man material, and after some time he becomes ignorant of the spirit.

Exaltation, which is a greater bliss, a higher pleasure, and which makes man independent of the outer life for his happiness. Pleasure belongs to sensation and happiness to exaltation. Pleasure is only the suggestion; happiness is reality. Happiness can only be gained by getting in touch within oneself.

Every soul yearns for knowledge, that knowledge which will give exaltation. But the soul cannot be satisfied by the knowledge one gathers from books, by learning, or by the study of outside things. Instead it is the knowledge of life that the soul yearns, it is the unseen and the unexplored. The greater knowledge, which can only be learned from within.

There is also concentration, focus and feeling. The power of feeling can reach anywhere and penetrate anything and with this you can achieve whatever you might wish.
And there is peace. It cannot be gained by outer means, by outer comfort and rest alone. It can only be gained when the mind is at rest.

We must enrich ourselves with thought, with that happiness which is spiritual happiness, with that peace which belongs to our soul, with that liberty, that freedom, for which our soul longs; and attain to that higher knowledge which breaks all the fetters of life and raises our consciousness to look at life from a different point of view. Once a person has realized this opportunity he has fulfilled the purpose of Life.

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