Monday, January 11, 2010

spirit / space / fire / music / electricity / plants / you / love

omnipresent / the voltage of your soul / the push that moves all of creation / unseen life plasma

exists as service for all things /a constant and unseen and untouched life force / god’s playground / the kingdom

consumes to exist as do all things /omnipresent when summoned

music defines itself /it’s divine quantities are proof of it’s divine design /expression and beat are the method of the melody /the lyric is experience

omnipresent until summoned /bursts of calculated intervals /blasts of chaotic discharge /pulls our parts and pushes our cosmos

the fiery ball, the cooling rock, plants /food, medicine, air and beauty /

one source, two sides and three parts /god / duality / body, soul, spirit

no beginning, no end, no conditions /unforsaken

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your soul is in essence your Will.

To exist on the physical plane in the state of life and spirit is only manifested because of the soul’s ability to exercise Will.

Look at it as your soul combining the attributes of the divine with the aspects of nature for the attainment of life. Life being it’s own reward.
Beginning as a forward motion, accompanied by aim, mission, determination and accomplishment; Will.
As is all life. As even an insect protects itself when threatened, by flying away, or running, or rolling into a ball, or changing colors or striking back. The Will to continue.
Will is the motivator that is our reality. What we Will is made to be so. This power is of the Soul, its push, its reason, its purpose, and its aim, its given attribute.
Though this power is yours to do as you Will, use it with awareness, prudence and astuteness. For it too is subject to the laws of symmetry and reciprocity.

Friday, January 8, 2010

crawl ashore young man.
breathe the air and trek the terrain.
push into where there was no one before.
defy the unknowing, conquer the doubtful.
in the name of all that is good be willful.

this place that was not.
where good could not exist.
where dark was not light.
a place without shape and form or ether and matter.
push you my brother into this abyss of absence.
so we might reap from your expansiveness.
so we might witness for love, truth and god.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Move on those things that are moving
Stand on those things that are standing
See beyond the obvious by looking closely
Hear more than is being said by listening
These things do with conviction and priority
For the power of these things exist for the taking only in that moment

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stay ye without a friend and go your way forever as a continuous wanderer. Know ye even just one friend for just one moment in a lifetime and that life has meaning.