Friday, July 3, 2009

Every individual has a certain motive in his life. The higher his motive, the greater the current of thought or feeling that streams from him towards it.

If two mates are drawn by the same motive, they advance through life together; but if it is not so, then life may be like swimming against the tide for each of them. There must be some incentive to stimulate each partner to progress along the path of life, and this is best given by each to the other when a common interest makes them share both joy and sorrow together, their gaze centered on the same aim.

Nature is such that no two things are created alike; and the human being cannot expect his or her mate, whom nature made, to be as docile and flexible as that creature whom his imagination alone conceives. To make a friend, forgiveness is required which burns up all things, leaving only beauty; but to destroy friendship is easy.

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