Monday, September 6, 2010

The self you might work for should indeed be free of material. There are seldom cases of a coffer following a procession.

Take with you instead the knowing of charity and love, of generosity when least you possessed, of that which the path directed you, to the care of others.

You too began with hands that reached for you, cradled you and nurtured you. So with this, so too is your obligation to life and all others. Who knows who might be in your or her or his room of beginning or departure. Reach, cradle and nurture those that are needing. Regardless of what moment, what you remember, what is said by others, what might have been. Do what is forced into the heart by knowing the gospel of Him.

With this comes the experience, that which is sought by His presence, by Him.

Give not only for what is seen, know too that His, the unseen, is also dependent upon your grace.

Be present, mindful and emptied.

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