Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The souls in the angelic heavens are all goodness; and this shows that goodness is natural, and what is contrary to our nature we call evil.

Souls in the angelic heavens are innocent; this also shows that innocence is the natural condition of the soul, and the lack of innocence is a foreign element which the soul acquires after coming upon earth.

Such souls are in direct touch with the spirit of God, and have no knowledge of the false world which is full of illusion, who live and know not death, whose lives are happiness, whose food is divine light.

In the angelic spheres the souls are happy; this shows that unhappiness does not belong to the soul. It is something which is foreign to it; therefore in the experience of man the discomfort coming out of life gives unhappiness.
Seeking after goodness, innocence, and happiness helps the angelic qualities to develop in a soul.

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